Automatic Collar Type Form Fill & Seal Machine with Servo Auger Filler for Sticky Powder Products Like Spices, Wheat FlourGram FlourMilk PowderIce Cream PowderPesticides Etc. in Servo Auger Filler

Collar Type Fully Pneumatic servo Auger Filler

Technical Specifications

Filling System : Servo Auger Filling
Filling Accuracy : +/- 0.1% Depend upon nature of product
Sealing Type : Center Seal
Filling Range : Up to 1000gm
Packing Material : Sticky Powder
Film Role : 100 To 400mm-W/80mm to 240mm-L
Speed Capacity : 30 to 45 Pouch per minute
Machine Size : 2500mm x 900mm x 1000mm (H x W x L)
Wooden Case : 2650mm x 1200mm x 1200mm (H x W x L)
PLC : Delta / Fuji
Contact Part : SS304
Power : 440v Three Phase
Optional : Batch Coding Device, Batch Cutting Device Screw Conveyor
Machine Weight : 700kg (Approx)