The Granules packing machine is suitable for granule material, such as Melon seedsNutsCandyRaisinsChinese wolfberryred datesPotato chipscookies and other solid material automatic packing.

Automatic Rotary Pouch Packing Machine

Technical Specifications

Working position : Six-working position
Bag material : Laminated film/PE/PP
Bag pattern : Stand-up with zipper & stand-up, spout, flat bag,
Max filling weight : 10-5000g
Filling accuracy : 0.5-1.5%
Bag size : W:100-200mm L:100-350mm (could be customized)
Speed : 10-60bags/min
Voltage : 380v 3phase 50/60hz
Total power : 5.5KW
Compress air : 0.6m³/min