Automatic Collar Type Form Fill & Seal Machine with Cup Filler for Grains & Free Flow Powder items Like RawaBroken WheatDetergentTeaCoffeeNamkeenFrymsPeanutPuffsSoya ChunkPesticides Etc. in Volumetric Cup Filler

Collar Type Fully Pneumatic Cup Filler

Technical Specifications

Packing Range : 1.(20gm to100gm) 2.(100gm to 500gm) 3.(500gm to 1000gm)
Filling System : Volumetric Cup Filler
Type of Sealing : Center Seal
Packing Material : Powder, Grains, Etc
Film Size : 200mm-420mm width x 100mm-550mm length
Film Roll Size : OD 250 to 400mm max. ID film reel pipe 75mm
Film Roll Type : Laminated Film
Speed : 40 to 60 bag/min (Varies with the nature of product & Filling range)
Power : 3 KW 230V / AC / Single Phase/ 50hz
Optional : Batch Coding Device, Batch Cutting Device Gas Flushing
Wooden Case : 1700mm x 1000mm x 1100mm (H x W x L))
Machine Size : 1050mm x 990mm 2100(L x W x H)
Machine Weight : 750kg. (Approx)